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Welcome to Street Corner Creations. Our handcrafted designs are a combination of art and performance that are built to last a lifetime. Every piece in our collection is inspired by years of ranch experience and worldly travels melding together into a creative and unique masterpiece with function and durability. When you choose a creation from our collection, our goal is to give you a sense of pride knowing that you now possess a timeless piece that can be passed down through the generations for many years to come. 

Meet Julianna & Sherri, Co-founders of Street Corner Creations. 


We met as teens and built a friendship, a bond that has proven itself over time and distance. We share a passion for our tiny and unique community in BC, there’s something about a community like that, it grounds you and brings you closer together with the people around you. You learn to be able to really count on your friends and neighbors, you come to love and trust them. As friends and now co-founders of Street Corner Creations, we encourage each other, appreciate each other, and help one another. Over the years we discovered that we share a desire to express our creativity and have a unique way of bringing that art together with function, and that’s where Street Corner Creations was born. A way to bring high quality, long-lasting, one of a kind leather pieces that function beautifully, to you. 

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